The next RSS Biennial Conference will take place from September 21-23, 2017 in St. Paul, MN, and we will also collaborate with CERES (Centre for Reception Studies, Brussels, Belgium) on their 2018 conference (call for papers to be announced in advance). Details for our upcoming conference are posted below, while the previous conference programs are available lower on the page:

The Seventh Biennial Conference of the Reception Study Society

The St. Paul Hotel and St. Catherine University, Sept. 21-23, 2017, Saint Paul, MN

The Reception Study Society promotes informal and formal exchanges between scholars in several related fields: reader-response criticism and pedagogy, reception history, history of reading and the book, audience and communication studies, institutional studies, and gender, race, ethnic, sexuality, postcolonial, religious, and other studies. Our conference this year will incorporate a variety of aspects of reception studies, but our theme is “Feminist Reception: Celebrating Thirty Years,” which commemorates the Women’s March on Washington as well as the publication of books like Gender and Reading, the anthology by Beth Flynn and Patsy Schweickart, who will be speaking at the conference.

Acceptance notifications were sent out by email, and the registration form is available here (registrations due July 15, 2017). The program can be downloaded here, and hotel rooms can be reserved at a reduced rate by calling 800-292-9292 or visiting The Saint Paul Hotel, and entering the group code that was sent out by email.

Keynote Speakers:

Paula Rabinowitz, University of Minnesota

"Scenes of Women Reading/Scenes of Reading Women: The paperback revolution and feminist consciousness"

Sumana Chattopadhyay, Marquette University

"Understanding Voters in a mediated world: Authoritarianism, Trust, Cynicism and Political Interest in Election 2016"

Patsy Schweickart, Purdue University

"Reading Gender in the Interstices of Theory"

Conference participants are encouraged to create an account in order to gain access to special conference features such as communication with other participants, file exchange and more. Account holders can also pay their membership and registration online, and email their registration form to Dr. Philip Goldstein. Please contact us if you have any questions about membership or registration. Registration fees and membership dues:

  • Assistant Professors: $80

  • Associate Professors: $110

  • Full Professors: $130

  • Students and all others: $45

  • Saturday evening banquet (separate fee): $35

For further information about the RSS, please visit membership, and check out our previous conferences below.

Previous conferences:

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