Membership of the Reception Study Society runs for two years starting with the year of the RSS Conference. Our current period is 2019-2020, and the combined membership+registration includes the 2019 RSS Conference (see also our Constitution and officers). The members receive our annual journal published by Penn State University Press, and they can pay membership dues and conference registration fees by check or money order. Our online payment will be enabled in June, 2019, and will be available through the Sign in page, where users can log in or create an account (by email activation).

To pay the membership and registration, please send us a check or money order to the address below:

RSS c/o Philip Goldstein
2 Andrews Way
Newark, DE 19711

Current membership dues and registration fees:
  • Assistant Professors: $80
  • Associate Professors: $110
  • Full Professors: $130
  • Students and all others: $45
  • Saturday evening banquet (separate fee): $35

Please contact us if you have questions about the payment options or your member account.
Thank you!