Current RSS Officers

The RSS Officers elected in 2019 are listed below and the 2021 conference was postponed due to the pandemic. Please visit the About page for our constitution, and contact us, if you have any questions.

  • Director: Philip Goldstein
  • President: Kelsey Squire
  • President-Elect: Seth Soulstein
  • Journal Editors:
    • James Machor
    • Amy Blair
  • Executive Board Members:
    • Allison Layfield (4-year term)
    • Walter Metz (2-year term)
    • Ildi Olasz (2-year term)
    • Andrew Scahill (4-year term)
    • Gillian Silverman (2-year term)
    • Joseph Worthen (graduate representative; 4-year term)
    • Yung-Hsing Wu (2-year term)